Lindor Tool is a family owned business established in 1983 and is located in St. Croix Falls, WI. We specialize in custom design of 2nd operation fixtures and tooling. Each job we do is unique and customized. Our customers do business with us for our design abilities, customer service and quality. In 1983, Lindor Tool started as a regular job shop, machining parts per print. It wasn't until the move in 1986 where the production of 2nd operation fixtures and tooling came about for the plastic molding industries in the surrounding area's. During the early 90's, Lindor Tool ventured into operated assisted assembly fixtures using Pneumatics with PLC Logic controllers. In the mid 90's we began designing and building manual & hydraulic clamping fixtures for machining die cast aluminum parts, used in vertical and horizontal machining centers. We work hand in hand with our customers from the begining with developing a concept, using CAD models to complete all design capabilities with our in-house designer, manufacturing and assembling the concept, delivering the final product and backing it up with our guarantee.

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