Founded in 1992, Reliatrace® (formerly GDSI) has consistently been one of the industry's most reliable designers and manufacturers of custom printed electronics. Powered by our proprietary double-sided polymer circuitry (D/SPC®) technology, we produce some of the most innovative and dependable membrane switches, medical sensors and heater circuits. And we don't just throw out the word reliable for show – we demonstrate it. With a circuit defect rate close to zero, leading companies in highly-regulated industries like medical device, aerospace and defense can depend on Reliatrace® to meet the stringent requirements necessary for high-performance applications that truly can't afford to fail. Located in Amery, Wisconsin, our people are no strangers to tough conditions, like the frigid Midwest winters, and we're proud to say that we're as reliable in harsh environments as the custom electronics we create. We value honesty, integrity, transparency, and an unrelenting commitment to high quality, which makes our vision simple – enable our customers to win.

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